[this page is meant for the blockchain we are building for the consumer finance products, education loan to start with]

Why Fabric Hyperledger?

The Fabric application stack has five layers: {CFLAB projects will work primarily work on their product and if they need a distributed ledger then work on Contract APIs to connect to the Fabric Network. The job of the EDU FABRIC HYPERLEDGER project team is to set up the Fabric Network and the Application API.}

  • Prerequisite software: the base layer needed to run the software, for example, Docker.
  • Fabric and Fabric samples: the Fabric executables to run a Fabric network along with sample code.
  • Contract APIs: to develop smart contracts executed on a Fabric Network.
  • Application APIs: to develop your blockchain application.
  • The Application: your blockchain application will utilize the Application SDKs to call smart contracts running on a Fabric network.

Fabric application stack from the official documentation (below)



Smart Contract

Fabric Application API and Contract API {I am making selection of contract laguage out of available 3 options unless someone convinces me otherwise}

Fabric Gateway client API and Node.js contract API

How can digital Rupee come it? It is afterall a token. Is it possible to be included?