The Right Cocktail: Asset Allocation and Wealth Management in India

The Right Cocktail introduces a new framework for Asset Allocation in India. In a quest to answer and solve the challenges in managing wealth in India, the author challenges established approaches borrowed from the West and Indian practices. He comes up with robust albeit simple and practical solutions.

This book is your guide and life companion to managing your wealth in India.  It would help individuals who manage their own wealth and financial advisors who would immensely benefit from a conceptual framework on wealth management customised to Indian conditions.

The goal of the framework is to help you take informed decisions. The author has given his strategies for Asset Allocation. In addition, there is enough material information in this work to help you set other objectives.

In a series of essays (other than the asset allocation framework), the author challenges long held practices and beliefs and recommends alternative approaches. Investors would also benefit from the insights of the author on Indian economy, assets and wealth management derived from his experience and expertise.